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Fighting rocks. Crushing concrete. Moving earth and protecting lives. In every aspect and down to the last bolt, the new Scania industrial engines take performance, dependability and operating economy to new heights.

There is a Scania industrial engine for every job. With three engine sizes and with power ratings ranging from 275 to 770 hp, the global engine platform from Scania meets every existing and foreseeable emission legislation and brings you maximum freedom of choice.

Pacific Torque, an authorized Scania Dealer, is ready to deliver you the world-class engineering that is provided by Scania. When other engine manufacturers have trouble in extreme conditions you can count on Pacific Torque to provide you with an engine that is capable of applying itself on every surface on earth. We offer service, repair, tourbleshooting, warranty and parts for the Scania engines listed below in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

 Don’t expose your fleet to potential downtime. Trust Pacific Torque and Scania.